real-time-detectionReal-Time Detection & Prevention

Thousands of scans each day, keep malware and frustration off. Penzone is always on the watch: eliminating threats before they have an opportunity to strike. Operating quietly behind the scenes of the system.


Powerful AI Technology

Outsmart your competitors, without thinking twice. All the protection, none of the fuss. Penzone’s self-learning technology grows smarter every day. All by itself. Without affecting your smooth user experience.


Privacy & Data Protection

When it’s personal, personal or irreplaceable: Penzone offers full control over all information, privacy and system configurations. Intuitive and in-tune with today’s requirements. Making certain that what is yours, remains only yours.


checkFAST, REAL-TIME ONLINE PROTECTION with the Penzone Cloud


checkSTANDARD DETECTION AND REMOVAL of bots, viruses, worms, trojans,
keyloggers, and spyware.

checkSTANDARD NETWORK SCANNING such as Quick Scan, On-Demand Scan, and
On-Access Scan

checkFILE MANAGEMENT & PROTECTION: Scan Individual Documents, Exclude Files, Scan Compressed Files, Quarantine Infected Files

checkCLEAR DOCUMENTATION with History & Report Logging


checkCOMPATIBLE WITH EXISTING ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE for an extra layer of security.

Real-Time Detection & Prevention

We should apologize. Really, it is not even fair. Penzone scans a lot of websites and loads of documents in mere seconds. Preemptively identifying malicious behavior patterns, before threats even have the opportunity to attack or invade your system.

Penzone makes sure to:

phishing-scamsPrevent phishing scams from stealing your sensitive information and personal information.

remote-attemptCease remote attempts to hijack your camera, keyboard, or mouse.

backdoorsMaintain your backdoors closed out of sneaky questionable files and malicious spyware, looking to mess up your browsing experience and Mac performance.


Powerful AI Technology

Mac risks are real, they are nasty and they mean business. Lucky for you, we come prepared. Bringing some serious AI brainpower to the mix. Penzone’s self-learning machine capacities increase by the minute. Running circles around any crawl that attempts to keep up. Penzone is:

collecting-dataTirelessly collecting data to identify and comprehend new malicious activities. Added energy beverages not required.

new-malwareStaying ahead of each Mac attack. Always up to speed with malware and hacking trends and the most current in bugs & dangers.

mac-protectionEnsuring the quickest and smoothest Mac protection experience around. Accurate detection and security, without harming your favorite game’s FPS or valuable rendering times.

Privacy & Data Protection

We hate to tell you this, but those glistening, out-of-the-box Mac security settings? They are not gonna cut it. Your documents, your identity, your information: it is all up for grabs. Be a wiseguy. Take sides with the Penzone family, and be untouchable for life. Penzone is:

security-standardsAdding an essential layer to your Mac protection. You set your security criteria, we make sure they will be respected.

ongoing-protectionDelivering the highest level of security and continuing protection, without being seen or making a sound. You won’t even notice we are there.


Why You Should Trust Us

When choosing the correct antivirus to buy, among the most critical facets of the research is that you should trust. With numerous fly-by scams and fake review sites, it’s tough to discover a trusted source, an authentic guide to choosing the correct protection for your digital life. The sad reality is that most teams behind antivirus recommendation sites have never really installed or tested any of the products they recommend. Why should you choose an antivirus starting from the top 10 software list compiled by a marketing group? Check out this review of Total AV.

trust-usKeeping true to our initial objective of being the most trusted and respectable buying guide for antivirus software, we wanted to do things differently from the start. Rather than compiling a fast top 10 list featuring the best paying antivirus affiliate programs, we began by researching the market and identifying the most reputable antivirus solution providers. We chose to include just established brands with an exceptional history and industry-wide recognition. After purchasing the premium package from each brand, we began exploring online and benchmarking every product in our office with a proprietary grading system (more about this on our website).

But who are we? We’re a group of specialists in software testing and reviewing with a combined experience of over 30 years. Our intent is to bring a new approach to antivirus software recommendation, based on integrity, trust, and transparency.